Enclosures & Cages

Storage enclosures and cages are a necessity for underground car parks in apartment blocks and commercial buildings. For apartments and bike storage chain link is ideal, this is a durable and economical material that can be powder coated or PVC coated for an extra layer of protection.

Lee Brothers Fencing provides a variety of designs and materials, ranging from supported or suspended cages to complete floor-to-ceiling enclosures.

The materials we are able to supply range from chain wire, welded mesh or perforated mesh. Each of the materials provides a unique aesthetic design and provides varied levels of security. Our enclosures and cages are built to your individual requirements, giving you complete flexibility.

All our enclosures can be fitted with gates in any of the corresponding materials to meet your requirements.

Above Bonnet Cages

Suspended cages maximise the space available and enable the storage of personal items for patrons, clients and employees. Product applications Car park storage Apartment blocks … more 

Protective Enclosures

Vital for dangerous items to be contained to prevent intruders from tampering, damaging or stealing. It is also a safety requirement to protect the general … more 

Basement Security Enclosures

Full length storage cages are suited to storage of larger items such as bikes. Product applications Bike storage Car park storage Apartment blocks Schools Commercial buildings … more