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Y-Top Chain link is an available extension or addition to most fence types in our Defcon range.

The “Y-Top” is a double-sided mounting system for affixing barbed wire, electric fence wire and razor loops to the tops of fences that add to the “Anti-Climb” nature of most of our fences. These simple but aggressive deterrents make any fence more difficult to scale from either side and less able for fences to have grapples or fabric protection sheets thrown over the razor-sharp mesh, further deterring climbers.

Product applications

  • Prisons
  • Railway yards
  • Utilities

Features and Benefits

  • Hard to climb
  • Additional security measures can be added
  • Deters intruders
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective due to the chain-link material


  • Galvanized chain-link


  • Lee Group fencing can build to individual specifications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Quality Standards

  • Unless specified fences are built to the relevant industry standards