Over 70 years delivering fencing projects in Victoria.

Lee Group is a proud family-owned business founded in 1948.

Initially operating a small local timber fencing yard, we now deliver adaptable solutions to commercial and infrastructure projects such as sound walls along freeways, solutions for diverse rail projects and high security within correctional facilities.

• 1921 – Jack (founder) commenced a cabinet maker apprenticeship in Melbourne at 14yo.
• 1940’s – Jack and his family moved to Thornbury, where Jack started picking up domestic fencing jobs.
– Jack and Brian (Lee Brothers) identified an opportunity to start a timber yard and purchase timber in bulk to supply locally.
– B&J Lee Brothers Fencing commenced.
• 1950’s – As the business grew, we were required to shift the timber stock and relocated to the old Northcote tip.
• 1970’s – We commenced manufacturing steel gates and diversified into rail fencing and new home builder’s market.
– We were awarded the Caulfield Racecourse fencing contract – one of the biggest jobs back in the day, which took up to a year (some of the original fencing still stands today).
• 1981 – The company rebranded to ‘Lee Brothers Fencing’.
• 1980’s – We built new offices and factory in Preston.
• 1996 – We introduced Victorian Temporary Fencing (VTF) and were the first company to introduce temporary fencing into the Victorian Market.
• Early 00’s- Trained and supported Jim’s fencing to establish their curriculum for staff training.
• Mid 00’s – We developed manuals, guidelines and estimator quotes in commercial fencing.
• 2005 – 2007 – We assisted the AWIA association in developing the Australian fencing standards for security fencing, chain link and temporary fencing.
• 2006 – We focused solely on commercial and industrial fencing with a stronger focus on steel and gate manufacturing.
• 2008 – Our first Vic Roads accredited noise wall on the Bass Coast Hwy project.
• 2010 – We were awarded our first correctional facility project, including the design and construction of the entire perimeter of the Dame Phillis Frost Facility. Since then, we have worked at every correctional facility in Melbourne and are specialised in this sector.
• 2011- One of our first major steel fencing commercial projects was the Wonthaggi Desalination Plant.
• 2017 – Installed our largest Automated Noise wall gate, which was 7 tonnes.
• 2018 – Lee Brothers Fencing demerged with the Victorian Temporary Fencing (VTF) arm of the business.
• 2020 – We rebranded from Lee Brothers Fencing to Lee Group.
• 2020 – Lee Group was granted accreditation in:
– AS/NZS 4801:2001 OH&S
– ISO 14001:2015 Environment, and
– ISO 9001 Quality.