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To assist in the reduction of road noise these premium fences are designed by acoustic engineers in order to meet all coefficients of absorption and sound transmission requirements, using 31mm plywood.

Acoustic Ply Fences use high quality steel beams and precise joins in the structure which is further going to increase its durability and ability in reducing noise. Lee Group, in association with Acoustic Engineers, will design a sound barrier which is going to optimise the height of the fence. This is the critical dimension to maximise sound absorption and provide the best return on/value from your investment.

Product applications

  • Freeways/Highways
  • Main roads with high traffic frequency
  • Heavy industrial sites/ Power stations
  • Commercial properties adjoining residential dwellings
  • Provides noise barriers to new housing estates, developer funded projects
  • Railway sites

Features and Benefits

  • Reduction in noise pollution for residential adjoining freeways
  • Barrier against noise emitted from industrial sites
  • Wall density which exceeds the VicRoads regulations
  • Absorbs sound
  • Can be certified by our engineer at all stages of the project


  • Sustainable treated ply timber/ with steel columns and support angles
  • Vicroads project is only core treated ply


  • Built to individual specifications, please contact us to discuss your requirements
  • Designs ensure Acoustic fences and noise walls are to VicRoads specifications and we assist our clients in the design and engineering of various types of noise walls/soundwalls.

Quality Standards

  • Unless specified fences are built to the relevant industry standards
VicRoads freeway noise wall for commercial fencing project

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