EHS HoardingEngineered Hoarding.

If required we can provide engineered hoarding which is design to meet individual requirements and built to the approval of an engineers computations.

We can design the hoarding to include such items as pedestrian walkways, overhead covering and Perspex windows. Items such as Perspex windows are an option for sites of public interest such as historical buildings and landmarks under development.

Product applications

  • Construction sites
  • Demolition sites
  • Privacy barrier

Features and Benefits

  • Meets the requirements for safety on all building and construction sites
  • Prevents debris and dust from travelling outside of the construction site
  • Prevents unauthorized persons from entering the construction site
  • Creates a privacy barrier
  • Can be used as a vital marketing tool to generate interest, inform the public of site progress and company projects


  • Sustainable treated ply wood


  • Built to individual specifications, please contact us to discuss your requirements

Quality Standards

  • Unless specified fences are built to the relevant industry standards