About Us Environment.

Lee Group comply with all environmental standards of the sites on which they work. If environmental standards are not specified on a site and ensure work is completed in accordance with our internal Environmental Policy.

Our Environmental Standards

  • Lee Group ensure all waste steel including off cuts, demolition material, or unsaleable surplus stock is recycled using the appropriate recycle facility.
  • If recycling faculty/bins are not present on a site, then all recyclable material including steel and timber will be retrieved by Lee Group to be recycled.
  • Steel returned to Lee Group for recycling will be placed in the dedicated steel recycle bins at our factory.
  • Unwanted timber will be reused, recycled, or mulched.
  • Lee Group operate a dedicated timber recycle bin, and its own high speed mulching facility.
  • All off cuts from our production facility are put into the on-site Timber and Steel recycling bins.
  • Any material that cannot be recycled either at the customer premises, or by using the Lee Group recycling facilities, is sent to the Visy Waste Recycling Depot in Heidelberg, for general recycling.
  • Preference is given to using timber from renewable new growth forests, and in the case of treated pine, the use of alternative treatment products to CCA, where practical.
  • Maintain compliance and audit standards by the EPA, in regulations regarding on-site water and chemical discharge.
  • Strive to minimise noise, and ensure that machinery is operated within prescribed regulation levels.
  • Staff are required to complete environmental and management awareness as part of their initial induction.
  • All subcontractors are required to comply with our internal minimum Environmental Standards.