Industry SectorsCorrectional and Mental Health Facilities.

Lee GroupIndustry SectorsCorrectional and Mental Health Facilities

We have constructed high security perimeter fencing around prison environments.

We use a variety of high security products to complement our security fencing, these products are 358 security mesh, palisade security fence, fully welded heavy duty tank style fencing, double sided colorbond with anti-climb duct type fencing and chain link containment fences.

Defcon Security options

View our full range of Defcon Security fences.

Defcon 1: Custom security

  • Tank fencing
  • Octogen
  • Ductor

Defcon 2: High security

  • 358 Mesh
  • Palisade

Defcon 3: Intermediate security

  • Pressed Spear Top Tubular
  • Cranke Spear Top Tubular

Defcon 4: Standard security

  • T-Top Chain Link
  • Y-Top Chain Link


Colorbond is another very effective product which may also assist your security requirements. Colorbond provides a visual barrier from outside and the smooth surface makes it hard to climb.


  • Experienced in providing security fencing for correction and mental health facilities
  • Comprehensive range of security fencing options
  • Design and innovation competent in creating customised products
  • Fencing which will ensure the safety of those inside and outside of the facility
  • Professionally trained on-site workers
  • Full Industrial Compliances
  • OHS & E

Completed Projects

  • Area Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit, Sunshine
  • Dame Phyllis Frost Centre, Deer Park
  • HM Prison Barwon
  • Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre
  • Marngoneet Correctional Centre (Karreenga)
  • Ravenhall Prison Redevelopment