DEFCON Security Fences

For high security purposes we recommend the use of our prison grade DEFCON range. Defcon describes the “Defence Readiness Condition” and is a measure of the importance of the client’s expectation of a product that offers maximum protection and no compromise.


Our Premium Deterrent Fence

These Pales are rolled from 70x3mm high strength steel to create a W profile to further increase the pale strength.

Secured to 50x50x5 angle rail and you have a mighty “TOUGH” fence!

If you have any reservation as to the strength let us add a third rail and say a 20mm stainless steel wire rope along the back of the fence now you have a security fence.

DEFCON Palisade fence system has two post options. The system has the ability to add extra rails and security option such as razor wire, electrical energised fence.

The reason for their superiority is in the added strength of the products over the standard tubular products, providing immeasurable protection when combined with razor wire, anti-dig mesh and surveillance.

Defcon Palisade Security Fences

Palisade Fencing provides an intimidating and durable perimeter fence because of the heavy galvanized steel and pronged top design. The pronged design is much harder … more 

Defcon 358 MESH Security Fence

This is Not any Weld Mesh

Another Defcon product with high security requirements is the 358 mesh. These products provide that extra level of protection required for commercial and industrial properties at risk of intruders. The reason for their superiority is in the added strength of the products over the standard welded mesh . These products provide immeasurable protection when combined with razor wire, anti-dig mesh and surveillance.

The product is constructed with One Steel Zelcot wire. Zelcot wire has a zinc/alloy coating which offers a four time lifespan greater life than galvanised wire.

Try climbing this fence and you will see why it is commonly referred to as a 358 Anti Climb. Because of its tight aperture of only 9mm.

The mesh is commonly overlapped and installed to RHS square posts and fixed to the face with security fixing over a face plate.

We also fix the mesh to UB or UC posts where extra stretch and security is required. The front web of there posts are pre-drilled and the mesh is bolted to the columns with 8mm pan head bolts and shear nut which break off when tensioned.

Many of our DEFCON 358 fences are completed with razor wire or coils above.

Defcon 358 Mesh Security Fences

The mesh screen provides maximum visibility for surveillance while remaining aesthetically pleasing and applicable to any environment. This form of security mesh will provide optimal … more 

Defcon TUBULAR Security Fences

Defcon Security Tubular fencing is a proven and economical fence system to secure your site.

Standard DEFCON Tubular has 4 types of tops – Spear, Capped, Loop and Cracked Spear Top Tubular Fencing which are appropriate for securing properties and deterring intruders due to the defensive design of the fence and durability of the steel.

This premium Tubular fencing is hard to climb and the tubular pickets are hard to force open. For added perimeter security, cranked pressed spear design is available which is even harder to climb and can be combined with razor wire to intimidate intruders.


DEFCON Security fencing regularly design and construct fencing solutions for clients. Lee Brothers Fencing design, construct, fabricate and install to suit any project requirements.

Products such as the Y-Top and T-Top designs provides protection, enclosing large areas of land and are ideal for restricting hazardous areas. To increase the security of the perimeter razor or barbed wire can be incorporated into the design.

Other products have been designed such as Ductor, Octogen and Tank – specifically formulated for the engineered and architectural requirements for a particular project, creating a premium deterrent fence.

Defcon Custom: Tank Security Fences

Tank Fence is one of Defcon’s Extreme fencing systems, designed as a daunting and yet, attractive and functional security fence with anti-ram and anti-climb characteristics. … more