Defcon Security FencesDefcon Custom Ductor.

Ductor is used for high security facilities including correctional facilities. These can be customised in size and dimensions to suit our customers project requirements.

Ductor combines strength in design, height, anti-climb, anti-scale and an available medium for anti-ram technology. It is also a platform for multiple electronic surveillance and security accessories. Ductor includes an underground anti-dig component and can be engineered to suit all applications.

Product Applications

  • Prisons
  • Detention and correctional facilities
  • Defence facilities

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for extreme security applications
  • Additional security accessories can be included
  • Anti-climb
  • Anti-scale
  • Anti-ram
  • Anti-dig


  • Galvanized steel sheet
  • Colorbond walls


  • Lee Group build to individual specifications, please contact us to discuss your requirements

Quality Standards

  • Unless specified fences are built to the relevant industry standards
Defcon Security 1 - Ductor - Dame Phyllis Frost Centre