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Cantilever gates are the best choice in situations where commercial and industrial properties experience frequent traffic from heavy vehicles and where the track has the potential for damage.

This gates design operates without tracks or wheels protruding into the client’s driveway. They are also ideal for uneven surfaces and traffic control. Cantilever gates offer the same level of supreme security with the convenience of automation.

Product applications

  • Commercial property entrances and driveways
  • Boundary fencing entry points
  • Loading zones
  • School entry and exit gates
  • Access points for cages and enclosures


  • Control the access of vehicles and persons into property
  • Secure access points after hours
  • Direct the flow the pedestrian traffic or vehicle traffic


  • Tubular galvanized steel
  • Chain link
  • Colorbond
  • Timber


  • Built to individual specifications, please contact us to discuss your requirements

Quality Standards

  • Unless specified fences are built to the relevant industry standards