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Industry SectorsDefence.

We have the capability and the expertise to provide high-level security at Defence Installations. We have Defence accreditation with several organisations and the ability to provide a customised solution.

Our Defcon Security range provides a comprehensive choice of products, which includes standard perimeter fencing through to prison grade security. We ensure your perimeter is completely secure through options such as anti-dig concrete trenches, which can be reinforced, using mesh and solid Colorbond walls providing privacy and anti-climb security. Our fencing materials can also be used to create training facilities with additional items like barbed wire, chain wire and Colorbond.

Defcon Security options

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Defcon 1: Custom security

  • Tank fencing
  • Octogen
  • Ductor

Defcon 2: High security

  • 358 Mesh
  • Palisade

Defcon 3: Intermediate security

  • Pressed Spear Top Tubular
  • Cranked Spear Top Tubular

Defcon 4: Standard security

  • T-Top Chain Link
  • Y-Top Chain Link
Ductor high security fencing


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  • Experienced in providing security fencing for high-security facilities such as correctional prisons
  • A comprehensive range of security fencing options
  • Design and innovation competent in creating customised products
  • Experience working with government departments
  • Defence accredited contractor
  • Full Industrial Compliances
  • OHS & E
Commercial colorbond security fencing