What is the Difference Between Acoustic Fencing and Standard Fencing?

First things first, what is acoustic fencing, and what does it do? Acoustic fencing is a soundproof fencing method used by many industries to reduce environmental sound and noise levels. In other words, acoustic fence panels reduce noise.

Noise pollution can be found in and around many urban areas of Melbourne, from commercial and industrial machinery noise to sports venues, railways, airports and motorway road noises.

Acoustic fencing is often used in commercial and industrial applications around developments such as housing estates, childcare centres, aged care residences, services stations, shopping centres and freeways.

Acoustic fencing is designed and tested to provide a reduction in sound level and noise pollution. Soundproof fences act as insulators and are modified to prevent sound waves from the external environment, thus creating a soundproof solution.

How is an acoustic panel different to a standard fencing panel?

The prominent noise reducing property of an acoustic fence is that it is made of thicker materials. The second important feature is a lack of spacing or gaps in the fence panel, and often the fence height will be designed to help maximise the highest possible level of sound reduction

Acoustic fencing is:

  • Versatile
  • Has a low visual impact
  • Excellent at providing acoustic performance
  • Efficient in helping reduce unwanted external noise
  • Designed to help reduce the external vibrations you may experience

Most acoustic fencing is built from Colorbond, Plywood or Treated pine, however, the Lee group have a new noise wall design using recycled plastic.

Some of the options available from Lee Group are

  • VicRoads Engineered noise walls – Premium fences designed by acoustic engineers – optimising the height of the wall to maximise sound absorption.
  • Colorbond Acoustic Fence – Available in a range of colours, aesthetically pleasing, this durable option has double skin galvanised steel and variety in wall thickness
  • Plywood Acoustic fencing – Our medium acoustic option constructed using the highest quality treated timber ply, enveloped and core treated.
  • Heavy & Light Duty Noise walls – Manufactured using treated pine meeting minimum requirements for both heavy and light-duty applications
  • Recycled plastic noise walls – The design is adaptable to suit a variety of budgets, acoustical needs and desired project outcomes using up to 70% recycled plastic

Commercial acoustic barriers ensure high performance and peace of mind for designers, builders and developers alike with a high level of design flexibility.