Engineered in-ground hoarding

Site establishment timber hoardings are pivotal in providing protection and safety during any form of construction. EHS Australia specialises in providing both in-ground and cantilever engineered hoarding systems that will not only mitigate your risk, but provide the latest in compliant solutions tailored to meet your budgetary requirements.

With EHS you can hire our freestanding patented hoarding system – Interlock or purchase our in-ground hoarding outright.

We work with all industry sectors using products that comply with all relevant Australian standards and building codes. Whilst cost is a key driver behind decision making, it often results in unnecessary exposure to a high level of risk. By seeking advice from experienced professionals like EHS, you can protect yourself and your company from risk.

We can provide the engineering and certification required to keep your company compliant with the latest changes in regulations as outlined by local and national authorities.

We are a market leader in offering a full range of in-ground and cantilever engineered hoarding systems to the industry.

Here is an example of a in-ground engineer timber hoarding recently installed in West Melbourne:

Builder: Vaughan Constructions

Construction: In-ground

Address: 501 King Street West Melbourne 3000

This job called for the footings to be 1200mm deep as the site used to be an old service station. The ground had to be dug up to remove the existing fuel tanks, therefore the ground was loose and EHS were instructed by engineers to construct the in-ground timber hoarding using deeper footings.

We also used our new gudgeon gate hinge system. This system takes away any chance of hinges breaking due to wear and tear.