COVID Safe Plan Update

This page is to keep you informed of the actions we’re taking as Melbourne restrictions have now eased and our team have returned to the office. 

We have updated our Covid Safe Plan as set out below and as the situation has evolved, we have continued to review these practices and update the actions we are taking to protect our customers and teams, in line with the advice of the public health order. 


Essential visitors need to ensure that they;

  • Abide by Lee Group Social Distancing rules
  • Observe Employee ratio requirements at all sites
  • Sign visitors’ registers/COVID QR app upon arrival
  • Use Sanitiser prior to entry of buildings


  • One person in small tearooms at a time
  • The lunchroom at Beaufort Street will be limited to only one employee at a time
  • Production and transport employees are to have lunch in the open areas
  • Sit at least 1.5 metres apart at all times in offices and meeting rooms
  • Maximum 5 persons in Board room wearing masks
  • Employees to maintain social distancing at any time in Finance, Construction, Sales, Board Room and Beaufort Street at the ratio of 1 person per 4 square metres
  • One Employee in a truck at a time to comply with the 1 person per 4 square metre rule
  • Worksite SWMS updated to reflect risk and correct procedures with respect to Covid
  • Employees to follow site Specific Covid Safe Plans at all times
  • External visitors are to be kept to a minimum and briefed on the Covid Safe plan on arrival to the building
  • Do not come to work if you have any flu-like symptoms


  • Masks are to be worn at all times indoors and outdoors in the workplace, including trucks and yard
  • Additional masks are available at reception, in the Factory Foreman’s office and in each vehicle
  • Face masks are to be worn ensuring that both nose and mouth are covered


  • Cleaners have been contracted to undertake sanitation of desks, keyboards, and telephone during overnight cleans of the office building
  • Hygiene wipes are available to all staff to sanities desks and common surfaces
  • Door handles into toilets should be wiped regularly during the day
  • Signs in toilets will remind users to wash hands and to use sanitiser after use of the facilities and throughout the day
  • Employees to wipe down shared equipment after each use, including drop saws, drills, etc
  • Trucks to be wiped down each day before use
  • Employees to use sanitiser before entering the building and throughout the day
  • Hand sanitisers have been made available in all sections of buildings and on all desks in the business
  • Hand sanitiser to be made available, in the trucks and company vehicles


  • QR Government App to record all entries to site for employees, labourers and delivery drivers. QR Codes are to be posted at all doors and workers desks
  • No access will be permitted to the site unless employees have shown that they have had 1 dose of Covid Vaccine by 23 September 2021
  • No access will be permitted to the site unless employees have shown that they have had 1 dose of Covid Vaccine by 13 November 2021
  • Workers who have even have mild symptoms are to stay at home and get tested
  • Employees who have been identified as positive are to be reported to General Manager immediately and to self-isolate
  • Employees who are identified as close contacts must not attend the workplace are required to quarantine at home for 7 days in line with government guidelines
  • Employees who reside with another employee should advise General Manager
  • General Manager to contact DHHS and WorkSafe in the event that a positive case is identified at the workplace
  • Deep clean to be undertaken in the event of a positive case being identified at the workplace
  • The General Manager will act in the capacity of Covid Safe Marshall for 15 Beaufort Street.
  • Supervisors are to ensure compliance with the Covid Safe Plan on all Lee Group construction sites


We appreciate your support and patience through this challenging period and thank you for your ongoing support to Lee Group.


Keep safe.