ROADSMART Car Park Accessories and Bollards

Lee Brothers Fencing can cater to all your car park requirements.

These products are manufactured on site to specification and can be supplied for varying requirements. All products are professionally installed and comply with Australian Standards.


The use of bollards in car parks is essential for blocking entrances, preventing collisions and maintaining pedestrian safety. Bollards are impact resistant and can be … more 

Wheel Stops

Our wheel stops are made from durable rubber and steel, the rubber prevents car damage and the steel base ensures the wheel stop is firmly … more 

Speed Humps

Lee Brothers Fencing speed humps are made from durable rubber and are bolted to the ground with easy installation holes. Our speed humps come in … more 

Guard Rails

Our steel guard rail creates a barrier to prevent motorists from going off course and preventing damage to the surrounding environment. The steel guard rail … more 

Pipe Protectors

Protects exposed pipes that are prone to damage from machinery, people and vehicles. Product applications Car parks Shopping centres Industrial Sites Apartments Features and Benefits … more 

Park Gates

Park Gates can be an effective way to regulate traffic and restrict unauthorised access into restricted areas such as sporting ovals, parks, gardens, car parks. … more 

Trolley Bays

Our shopping trolley bays are built using heavy duty galvanized steel for the collection and storage of shopping trolleys. These are custom made to suit … more