Chain Link Fences

The Chain link security fencing range is the most durable and economical material for commercial and industrial applications. It provides protection, encloses large areas of land and is ideal for restricting hazardous areas. Our fences are galvanized to ensure they are durable against rust but can also be powder coated or PVC coated to add a further protective layer and increase visual appeal.

A key advantage of chain wire fencing is its versatility; we provide standard, high screen and net screens depending on the required application. As an additional security measure barbed wire or razor wire can also be incorporated into the design. In addition to the chain link fences below, you may also be interested in the Defcon Y-Top and Defcon T-Top fences.




Standard Chain Link Fences

We offer two different standard options railed and rail-less; these standard designs can be modified to increase the security and visual appeal of the fence. … more 

Net Screen Chain Link Fences

Net Screen’s are ideal for cricket enclosures and batting nets to keep balls and equipment within the enclosure and create a safe practicing environment. We … more 

High Screen Chain Link Fences

We can construct high screen chain link fences as required. Extra height screens are generally used around golf courses to protect vehicles and pedestrians, the … more