Security Fencing to Protect Your Business

Protecting your business is more vital than ever. Addressing security issues quickly and employing some basic risk management principles can reduce the risk of crime for your business, staff and customers.

The level of security for your business may differ from others as it depends on a number of factors including: the type of your business or trade; the nature of your business or stock; the period of time your premises may be unoccupied and even your business location.

Victoria Police have made available a very helpful business security kit that has some excellent advice to help business owners protect their business. Some of their basic security tips are:

  • Make sure laneways and other external areas are well lit. Lighting should be in good working order and regularly inspected.
  • Prune all trees and shrubs around your building to enable clear visibility. Ensure that this is maintained.
  • Clear all building perimeters including fences of rubbish and potential climbing aids.
  • Maintain well-built and adequate boundary security fence and gates.
  • Fully secure all external doors and windows with good quality locking devices. Make sure they are regularly maintained. All doors should be of solid construction and well fitted.
  • Consider installation of bollards, heavy planters or large rocks to act as ram raid barriers.
  • Consider installation of a monitored security alarm system.
  • Prominently display any signs indicating the presence of a security system, the continual surveillance of the premises and any other security measures present.
  • Consider installing electronic sensors to advise staff when customers are entering and leaving the business.
  • Install a quality surveillance camera which will act not only as a deterrent but will assist police in identifying offenders.

At Lee Group we can help all types of business with their security fencing, automatic and manual gates, bollards, car park safety accessories and enclosures and cages. In fact, Security fencing is a Lee Brother Speciality!

Our security fencing range is known as “DEFCON” as it describes the “Defence Readiness Condition” and is a measure of the importance of the client’s expectation of a product that offers maximum protection and no compromise.

Defcon has a large range of security fencing types for creating a safe and secure boundary fence no matter what your requirements. We cater for factories, schools, public building, hospital and even maximum security prisons. We are regularly called upon to design and construct custom security fencing for our clients.

A quality security fence from Lee Group not only ensures your business has the best chance of being secure at all times, it will also enhance the exterior appearance of your premises.

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