Innovative Chain Wire Fencing

St Kevin’s College Tooronga Sports Complex

St Kevin’s college eagerly awaited the opening of the new sporting facilities at Tooronga where they will have three state-of-the-art soccer pitches, an Olympic sized hockey field, a football oval and tennis courts to play. Lee Group working with 2Construct has recently completed a range of fencing and gates to secure and complete the site.

The St Kevin’s project is one of the first major sites in Melbourne to use the state of the art “fuse bonded” chain wire fencing. Fuse bonded chain wire fencing is a new innovative process where the coloured coating (black used on the project) is fuse bonded to the core wire. Fuse Bonding the colour to the wire eliminates scratching and peeling and is a similar to the process used for colorbond steel. Using fuse bonded wire will significantly extend the life of the fence when compare to the more traditional PVC coatings.

The site had over 1000 metres if the fuse bonded chain wire fencing in heights of 1100mm, 2400mm and 3500mm. Also installed to match the fencing was a number of single and double fuse bonded chain wire gates.

In addition to the chainlink fencing Lee Group designed and fabricated at our Preston manufacturing facility a custom style Tubular Steel Fence to meet the customers’ specifications and to blend in the overall appearance of the project.

Project Details:

  • Client: 2Construct for St Kevin’s College
  • Description:
    • Manufacture and Install
      • Fuse Bonded Chain Wire Fencing and Gates
      • Custom Tubular Steel Fencing and Gates – Manufactured to clients specifications
  • Completion: May 2017

3600mm High Fuse Bonded Chainwire Fencing


3600mm High Fuse Bonded Chainwire Fencing

1100mm High Fuse Bonded Chainlink Fencing

High Fuse Bonded Chainwire Fencing

1100mm High Fuse Bonded Chainwire Fencing above retaining wall

3600mm High Fuse Bonded Chainwire Fencing for perimeter fencing

Fuse Bonded Chainwire Fencing

65 metres of Custom Tubular Steel Fencing & Gates – manufactured to meet the clients specifications