We manufacture gates to any size, material and design to match any of our existing fencing range or as a customised gate.

We construct gates to meet your security requirement from swinging chain wire gates through to our high security Defcon range of gates. We offer automation and solar panels to power the automated gate; this increases the security of the gate while providing a convenient integrated gate solution.

Swinging Gates

Lee Brothers Fencing swinging gates are appropriate for the entrances of industrial and commercial properties. This design is suitable for entrances that experience low levels … more 

Sliding Gates

This type of gate is the ideal for protecting property entrances. These gates are ideally suited to an application where space is limited due to … more 

Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates are the best choice in situations where commercial and industrial properties experience frequent traffic from heavy vehicles and where the track has the … more 

Automated Gates

 All of Lee Brother’s gates can be installed with automated mechanisms to provide automated entry and exits from client’s properties. There are a variety of … more