Woolworths Noisewall – Curlewis

Lee Group manufactured and installed one of the most unique and impressive Acoustic fences for 2015 – expressing our creativity and versatility.

Contracted by Fairbrothers for the new Woolworths supermarket development at Curlewis.

We installed a 70 metre Acoustic noise wall which is made up of a combination of concrete base retaining panels, along with light weight alternating Hebel and Perspex panels.

With a build time of over 5 months, the construction of the wall was split into stages. On completion of the fence, landscaping was arranged between the retaining section and upper decorative Perspex and Hebel panels.

Lee Group are extremely proud of the completed fence with such an extraordinary combination of various materials and overall design along with the efforts of our diligent workers this became a very successful and unique project.

Acoustic Fence – Woolworths Curlewis