We never send our steel to landfill!

Did you know Steel is the world’s most recycled material and can be recycled infinitely without deteriorating.

We contribute to this cycle by ensuring our leftover steel materials are properly recycled when we can no longer reuse it. Recycling steel consumes around 60% less energy than it takes to manufacture virgin steel from iron ore. It is thought that almost every steel product on the modern market contains at least some recycled steel.

Our Lee Group team are enthusiastic about our in-house recycling program by reducing, reusing and recycle steel, timber and more if possible. Please see below some methods in how we achieve this through steel usage.

We strive to reuse steel materials by giving them a second life where possible before sent to our recycling partners.
We achieve this by:
– storing old materials at our Preston site for future jobs
– cleaning and/or powder coating scuffed materials to give seconds life
– cutting or trimming damages for upcoming projects.

Any materials we can’t reuse; we recycle. We achieve this by:
– having multiple large steel recycling bins at our Preston site
– partnering with several companies to recycle appropriately
Our partners convert leftover materials into fencing footing blocks or melt down the steel and reshapes into new products.

Projects that require us remove steel materials on-site, we follow clients processes or adopt our strict in-house practices to prevent wastage.