Victoria’s Big Build

Victoria is currently in the middle of an extraordinarily large program of major road and rail infrastructure projects. With once in a generation defining projects such as the metro tunnel, west gate tunnel, level crossing removal project and the northeast link freeway underway the need for fencing and noise walls that can meet large scale project needs has never been higher. Subcontractors who wish to be part of these tier one projects they must show a willingness and construction industry leading standards in safety, quality and environmental impact whilst being able to deliver on budget and time.

Planning and Development the Big Build Victoria

Fencing plays an important role in establishing safety during the build of large-scale infrastructure projects. It is used to protect the workers on the project that could otherwise be exposed to live rail or road traffic it is also used to protect member of the public from high risk works that are necessary to get projects such as these delivered. As the projects progress and get closer to completion fencing is used to protect assets, delineate designated pedestrian walkways or roads for cars, neighbouring properties and can also be used as an architectural focal point to add interest and substance to the overall end product. A fence or a noise wall not only provides a function but as a stand-alone structure it is also an opportunity to add texture, flair and innovation to a project.

Controlling Noise Pollution

Noise walls play a similar role to fencing but have the added task of controlling noise pollution. While aesthetics and the overall look of a noise wall is very important it’s the task of controlling noise pollution from rail or road traffic to neighbouring communities that is a noise walls number one purpose. Noise walls can be made from steel, concrete, timber or plastic with the added benefit of many options to include recycled materials in their design. When these materials are measured by weight per square meter an acoustic rating can be designated. Once the acoustic rating of a specific material is designated this information can then be used in the design of the noise wall to so suit the acoustic design requirement.

Creating employment opportunities

An important benefit of creating a large-scale program of works such as Victorias big build is the opportunity to create meaningful employment for all sections of the community, whilst keeping our existing construction workforce busy and energised. So far there have been many success stories in creating jobs and new skills for workers that may not have otherwise had an opportunity to work in the construction of fencing and noise walls. With employment programs supporting new places for installers from socio economic groups such as ex offenders, ex armed forces workers, women in non traditional roles and indigenous groups, the fencing and noise walls are being constructed across the big build with high levels of quality and consistent performance in safety. Along with these groups there is also many opportunities for apprentices and trainees in the fencing industry that have been created and developed with high levels of success.

Integration of Fencing and Noise Walls in Victoria’s Big Build

As an integral part of an ambitious, large scale program of works; fencing and noise walls provide long lasting benefits to the safety and security of communities that they interact with.

Fencing and noise walls are a cornerstone component of Victorias big build that will leave a legacy of modern, high functioning road and rail infrastructure that will leave lasting benefits for generations to come. There construction also provides and opportunity to create meaningful employment opportunities for all sections of the communities that they are built in.