Recycled timber used in our new offices.


Lee Group have moved 900m to 15 Beaufort Street, Preston Vic 3072, please update our address details. 

We’re also excited with our new recycled timber wall. Old timber palings we collected from a commercial fencing site were transformed into our feature wall and reception desk upon entry to our office spaces.

We worked with Scott from The Timber Shack to help create the look we were after whilst incorporating our values.

Scott said ‘that’s what the Timber Shack is all about, preventing timber from going to the tip’.

Their process to create the wall involved

  • Running each post through a metal detector so any nails or metal could be removed
  • Passing the timber through a jointer to flatten one edge
  • Use a table saw to get the second flat edge
  • Each panel was split in half to make thinner and cut to length/width
  • A back template was created to the surface area of the wall
  • Custom template was cut into panel for easy install and
  • The panels were then installed onto the timber wall frame.

It was a pleasure working with The Timber Shack and we’re supper happy with the outcomes.

Please update our address details in your system.

Also our PO box details are the same (PO Box 8240 Northland Centre, Preston 3072)