Southland Station

Rail Fencing


Another area of our expertise is the design and construction of rail industry fences which meet the requirements and standards of the Victorian Department of Transport.

We offer security specific fencing for protecting rail yards from intruders and providing safety for the general public. We also provide a comprehensive range of products from chain wire perimeter fencing and 358 Mesh fencing to bike racks and hand rails. All of our fences can be fitted with gates which match the design and materials or they can be tailor made in our manufacturing yard.

A recent project completed by our team was the fencing at the new Southland Station. The long awaited station was completed in November 2017 with it’s first day of operation 28th November 2017. Roughly 4,400 passengers per day are expected to use the station on average, and it is hoped that it may ease somewhat road congestion in the area.


  • Square top tubular steel fencing along the rail platform – galvanised and powder coated black
  • Flat top tubular steel fencing around the car park and ticketing areas – galvanised and powder coated black
  • Along the rail line we installed many metres of Weldmesh fencing. This was also galvanised and powder coated black. Weldmesh fencing is an economical and durable material with a design that can seamlessly blend into the surrounding environment.