Chain Wire Players Race

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Heidelberg United Football Club

As part of some grounds upgrades Lee Group was contracted to manufacture and install a new chain link players race for the Heidelberg United Football Club. The club is an association football club based in the northern Melbourne suburb of Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia. The team currently competes in the National Premier League Victoria.



  • 2200mm high black chain wire players race
  • 2100mm wide x 2100mm high black chain wire single gate
  • 1100mm wide x 2100mm high black chain wire single gate
  • 3200mm wide x 2100mm high black chain wire double gate
  • Black Shade Cloth to cover players race


We successfully manufactured and installed a 2200mm high black PVC coasted chain wire fencing for players race, which included a matching roof. The project also included two single chain wire gates and one set of double chain wire gates.


PVC Coasted Chain Wire

Black Shade Cloth