Barwon Prison

Lee Group Defcon Security Fencing for another Victorian Prison.

Project Summary

  • 358 mesh fencing for the exercise yard and cell roof panels.
  • Framed 358 mesh to all service yard fencing and gates.
  • Install anti climb duct above existing and new pre-cast wall.
  • Standard chain link fencing for some internal fencing.

End Client: Corrections Victoria
Master Builder: APM Group


HM Prison Barwon or informally Barwon Prison, is a Victorian high risk and maximum security prison for males. It is located 6 kilometers from the township of Lara, near Geelong.

Working with APM Group, Lee Group helped to successfully deliver the new state of the art, high-security unit for the maximum security area. The ‘Olearia Unit’ accommodates prisoners who pose the greatest security and safety risk, or who need to be separated from the mainstream prisoner population for their own protection.

The Unit includes dedicated interview rooms, visit and program areas, medical facilities and observation cells, as well as the most technologically advanced security systems available.


Perimeter Fencing
To ensure the integrity of the prison’s exterior / perimeter fencing Anti – Climb Duct was installed to the new and existing per-cast concrete fence.

High Security Unit
358 Mesh was installed to the roof of the exercise yard and prisoners cells. This type of fencing was chosen because it provides maximum security by being extremely difficult to climb or penetrate using hand tools and yet is gives a highly transparent finish with minimal visual impact allowing clear camera surveillance.

Service Yards & Gates
Framed 358 Mesh was installed to service yard fencing and gates. Where the gate was a part of the pre-cast wall – anti-climb duct was installed.

The steelwork used to frame the mesh was manufactured at our own manufacturing plant. The 358 mesh used here was supplied by SecureMax.