7 Tonne Automatic Sliding Gate

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We recently took on the daunting challenge of supplying and installing a huge automatic acoustic sliding gate at the Tarneit Central Shopping complex in Melbourne.

With a gate opening of 14 metres wide and 7.0 metres high the gate has been designed as a bi parting ground mounted sliding gate with each gate leaf being 9.0 metres long and weighing approximately 7 tonnes.

We decided to manufacture each gate leaf in three 9.0 metre long by 2.3 metre high sections and then bolt the sections together during the installation phase. Although the installation had its unique issues. Coordinating the different phases of manufacture and the logistics of transporting the gates and components required detailed planning and attention. The sliding gate was designed with 2.0 metre long overhang supported through the tunnel posts. The tunnel posts consisted of 4 vertical posts (200mm x 200mm) welded to a base plate designed to hold the gate in place and is used to attach all of the guide wheels.

As the tunnel posts each weighed approx. 2 tonnes the supporting concrete slab was engineered to bear the excessive weight of the complete gate structure. Each leaf has 6 pairs of pivoting rolling wheels and the gate runs on a specially designed custom track specifically engineered for the purpose. The gate installation was carried out by placement of the completed tunnel posts prior to manufacturing of the gate frames. Once installed the gate frames were fabricated to suit the exact gate opening, this ensured perfect sizing.

Each gate leaf was installed by lifting one section at a time and then bolting the leaves together. Once bolted together and lifted into the tunnel posts, the guides and stops were installed. With the gate frames secured and sliding perfectly Lee Group were then able to install the acoustic material to complete the gates. The final stage of the project was the manufacture and installation of a custom automated sliding gate motor to drive these gates. When operational the gate provides an automatic transport exit point at the Tarneit Central Shopping centre.

We were very proud to work with the Hacer Group (the Builder) and their engineers to be able to design and deliver such a complex project to the market.