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Octogen mingles strength and style.

This fence is constructed using all solid bar, bored horizontal rails with square or round solid verticals. All connections are stainless welded. The fence is specifically tailored to the client’s requirements and almost impenetrable, with an 80 year plus life expectancy. While being super strong, it is visually appealing and can have decorative posts or spear tops added to mask the beast within.

Product Applications

  • Commercial sites
  • Industrial Sites
  • Airports
  • Railways

Features and Benefits

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Weather resistant exterior
  • 80 plus life expectancy
  • Suitable for chemically affected and high salt atmospheres
  • Near impossible to penetrate


  • Solid bar
  • Stainless welded connections
  • All materials go through a multi process treatment of cleansing, dipping, coating, and bead blasting, before they are installed
  • After installation, priming and coating is done on site


  • Lee Group can build to individual specifications, please contact us to discuss your requirements

Quality Standards

Defcon Security 1 - Octogen