Our director visits the non –profit St Andrews Wildlife Shelter to donate materials.

Lee Group Director Nick Wells visited the St Andrews Wildlife Shelter with his family to discuss donating materials so they can expand with four more enclosures. 

Lee Group are donating shelter materials to allow Mara and John to adopt more orphaned or injured wildlife especially during their peak spring and summer seasons when they are at capacity.

In the last year, the Wildlife Shelter cared for more than 350 native animals and with additional enclosures this will expand their capacity during the much needed peak periods. 

The wildlife shelter specialise in orphaned and injured possums (particularly ringtails) however they also help wombats, kangaroos, tawny frogmouths, other birds and more.

Nick (our Director) sons enjoyed their visit to the St Andrews Wildlife Shelter and got to see the baby and orphaned possums in their enclosures and possum boxes, visited the tawny frogmouth aviary, peeked at the injured kangaroo and learned lots about all the animals.

Click here donate to their Wildlife Shelter or learn how you can help.