New Bendigo Hospital

The Bendigo Hospital is going through a $630 million expansion and re-development and it will deliver a truly world-class regional hospital for the people of the Loddon Mallee region. It has been designed to accommodate increasing demand into the future and will incorporate the best elements of modern hospital design from around the world.

The new buildings and gardens will provide the local community with a new meeting place and it is the intention of all the project partners that the completed site becomes a place people feel comfortable visiting and enjoying whenever they want to, not just when they have a clinical need.

The project is creating a great deal of excitement in Bendigo and the staff in particular are enjoying watching the physical structure come up out of the ground and starting to take shape.

The Lee Brothers Fencing Group has worked extensively with Lend Lease to ensure the site is a safe and secure workplace for the construction crew, hosptial staff and the general public.

Our temporary fencing division – Victorian Temporary Fencing (VTF) installed about 2 kms of temporary fencing as an internal roadway and work zone delineation. Crown control barriers were also installed for pit protection, and other walkways.

In-ground, jersey barrier and bolt down timber hoarding, in fact about 550 meters was supplied to fully enclose the construction site. We painted it blue on both sides to match the Lend Lease corporate colours. Also installed were several 16 metre customised gate openings.

(Stage 2 – Painted timber hoarding installed with 16m gate openings)

EHS offers a full engineering service to support our products that includes recommendation of individual systems, through to a full design capability for large projects. Our staff and technical sales staff perform regular site assessments and are available to work with you in the selection of the correct system for your needs. We provide clients industry leading risk management across all facets of construction. Our employees hold industry accreditation’s allowing us to work on projects with complex compliance requirements.

Seek advice from the experts; protect yourself and your company.

(Stage 3 – Crane installed and foundation being built for new hospital building)