Grand Slam Event Fencing

Lee Group ‘hit it off’ with another successful year’s event fencing delivered within strict timeframes for Australasias biggest Grand Slam.

With over 1.5km of hoarded fencing, over 1.5km of crowd control barriers and many customised solutions to ensure event success; we are now excited to see the exciting 2020 events unfold.

To ensure our clients success were met by Lee Group, we ensured flexibility with customised solutions, some examples include: 
– Distinctive branded painting on hoarding
– Custom roofing for player privacy and weather purposes
– Unique weighted plantar boxes for visual aesthetics coinciding as structural support
– Installation of our patented engineered interlock system
– In-house fabricated, 6 metre high posts including on-site installation for Hawkeye camera footage and – Last minute layout changes and additions.

This is our seventh year delivering to requirements with great flexibility and the capability to satisfy our client’s needs.