Anti-Ram Bollards

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Our DEFCON Anti-Ram Bollards are perfect solution for public places, critical infrastructure protection, government buildings, military bases, high traffic city streets and many other situations where is necessary create barrier for unwanted vehicles or to prevent the public against a possible terrorist attack.

Our Anti-Ram Bollards are engineered and include a steel outer plus a steel inner core steel rod then they are back core-filled with concrete after installation, creating a heavy duty anti-ram protection.

The Anti-Ram bollards come in four standard sizes or we can custom make to suit any situation.

Product Applications

  • Commercial properties
  • Ram-raid protection for shop fronts
  • Control for public and private car parks
  • Control car access to parks, ovals and other public spaces
  • Defining property boundary


  • Grout filled after installation
  • Hot dip galvanised
  • Reinforced concrete footings
  • Internal post stiffeners
  • All bollards have 32 mpa concrete footings


  • Galvanized steel


  • Lee Group can build to individual specifications, please contact us to discuss your requirements

Quality Standards

  • Unless specified bollards are built to the relevant industry standards
  • AS2890.1.2004