Barwon Prison

Lee Group Defcon Security Fencing is in the final stages of a major development and upgrade at Barwon Prison in Anakie. This project has been underway for approximately eight months and has involved a number of different security fencing products.

One challenge was to design and fabricate a very large access gate to enter the prison. This automatic gate is approximately 6 metres high x 10 metres wide, with anti-climb ductor installed on the top of the gate.

The project also involved installing:

  • Unique security locks into access gates
  • Installing 358 anti-climb mesh on all cell roofs – A premium security fencing product and is used in many other prisons
  • Securing service areas and yards with fencing and gates
  • High security gates
  • Fence panels and roofs

Due to the high security aspects and requirements of this project, Lee Group worked closely with Access Security Folger detention equipment.