Acoustic Fence Saves the Day!

Lee Group Commercial and Industrial Acoustic Fencing was a perfect choice for Save-A-Dog in Yarrambat to ensure a reduction in noise for the other Yarrambat residents. Our acoustic ply wood noise walls are constructed using the highest quality timber resulting in a higher coefficient of deflection and absorption than other acoustic fencing products. This makes it a perfect choice for this job. Our acoustic fencing has superior durability with respect to the exposure to environmental factors due to the use of heavy duty timber and its correct treatment.

There is over 100 metres of 4 metre high plywood acoustic fence installed at Save-A-Dog. For additional noise reduction an Autex Sound Blanket wrapped in Mylar film and enclosed in individual cages are installed to rear of every second plywood panel.

Lee Group specialises in acoustic fencing and noise wall and we work with many different absorbent materials suitable for these noise walls and we can build to individual specifications. We can also assist our clients by engaging the services of qualified acoustic consultants and structural engineers to assist in the design and certification of acoustic barriers. Please contact us on 9484 4544 or email our sales and estimating department.


Heavy duty steel posts ready for the plywood to be attached.
Autex Sound Blanket wrapped in Mylar Film in individual cages attached to the rear of the fence – To assist is noise supression.
The plywood acoustic fencing being installed.
Almost complete – showing one of two gates installed.