Lemur Island Enclosure – Melbourne Zoo


Location: Melbourne Zoo

Contractor: Lloyd Group

Melbourne Zoo will soon host a state-of-the-art new home for 11 Lemurs. The new exhibit will enable visitors to step through an impressive bamboo tunnel and emerge in the wonderful and mystical world of the Lemur.

The Victorian Government has contributed $4 million towards the project with the remaining $400,000 raised by the Zoo.

Our construction team were given the unique and interesting task of installing the fencing for the new state of the art lemur enclosure for Melbourne Zoo. As lemurs have such tiny fingers it was important to ensure that the perforated aluminium fencing and gates are both safe and secure.

The gates have been installed to completely closed with no gaps and button heads have been used instead of tek screws to ensure the fence is anti-climb.

The world-class exhibit is now home to a bachelor troop of 11 Ring-tailed Lemurs, a species native to Madagascar. Six Lemurs are already at Melbourne Zoo and the remaining five Lemurs will be transferred from Perth Zoo and Hamilton Zoo in New Zealand. For more information on the exhibit click here.