Congratulations Kane

Kane Yaneff (Left) with Richard Newbigin from the Wire Industry Association

Everyone at Lee Brothers knows what a great employee Kane Yaneff is and now he has been recognised for his efforts. Recently Kane was presented with the Training Award from the Wire Industry Association in recognition for his outstanding work as an apprentice in the Lee Brothers manufacturing factory.

Kane started his apprenticeship with Lee Brothers in 2014 and right from the start showed he has great commitment to his job. Being a 4th year apprentice – metal fabrication, Kane has developed his the skills to become a qualified tradesman.

When asked about his time at Lee Brother and his experiences as an apprentice, Kane responded with;

“The apprentice studies I have been doing, together with the experience I have been given in a very very busy workshop has allowed to me to attain skills quickly. In my role at Lee Brothers I keep up to date with industry changes by attending expos and training seminars.”

“At Lee Brothers, I have been encouraged to support the Factory Foreman, and Leading hand in teaching the other apprentices on how to maintain the machines, how to do weld cleaning quickly, and how to organise the day’s work when the other staff gets busy. I can now step up and run the factory in the absence of the factory foreman and leading hand. I took a great interest in encouraging the company to bring in a second apprentice. As I understand how much value the apprenticeship has given both Lee Brother’s and myself over the last 3 years”

“At the end of my 4th year, I will be starting management certificate training with the goal of becoming a supervisor. I believe I need to be able to now run the workshop independently from time to time, and I am looking forward to testing my own skills in leadership and supervision after I have completed my apprenticeship.”

Kane Yaneff (front left) and Anthony Vanderbyl (behind Kane) representing Lee Brothers at the Wire Industry Association Awards held on the Gold Coast September 2017

Kane Yaneff with Wire Industry Assoc President Charles Johnstone